GEN meeting September 14th 2014, Vilt

  Present: PV, FB, JA A meeting with a performance opportunity at a garden party organized by JA’s mother. We began late-ish (11:00) with some warming up. Callisthenics, strength to the weak variation 2 excercise introduced by JA First second primary, with 1 added. Most of the practice was spent preparing for the afternoon performance, practicing repertoire and establishing a setlist. We would be performing as a trio, which made some creative arranging necessary. Pressed for time, we did a quick runthrough of all the pieces and set off to…

GEN meeting August 3rd 2014, Vilt

Present: JA, PV, FB, WdR An invitee from Argentina was expected but didn’t make it due to traffic issues. Callisthenics, strength to the weak variation 1 excercise introduced by JA FB: secondary exercise as presented by Mr. Schwutke last summer Beginning with “Mad People…” Settling parts on Vrooom and Third Relation WdR and FB will work on Askesis We spoke on possible endeavors with Epicycle and the possibility of a performance in September. Scheduled next meeting: September 14th, Vilt (with performance)

GEN meeting July 6th 2014, Vilt

Present: JA, PV, FB, WdR We began the day with a little talk about the contents of the website. We also discussed our recent endeavours with our French friends of Epicycle. First session (11:00 – 12:05) General callisthenics, focussing on maintaining a group pulse. Followed by a run-through of Larks’ I (and some polishing) and an attempt at Vrooom to see where we are. Second Session (12:25-13:30) More work on Vrooom (mostly on the Main Theme). Settling on parts: JA & FB Leads, WdR & PV on Basses. Then Eye…

San Cugat

2011 GEN members meet at Guitar Circle courses in San Cugat.