GEN meeting February 22, Vilt

For everyone wondering what it is that GEN actually DO after a day of guitar practice, read on!

Present: PV, WdR, FB, JA

11:15 tuning, warming up:

  • displacement
  • arpeggios on two strings D minor
  • arpeggios on three strings D minor harmonic

Then to repertoire:

  • Eye of the needle
  • Growing circle
  • an attempt to play Larks II, this clearly isn’t the time for it yet
  • Red intro and main theme
  • Askesis (FB, WdR)
  • Third relation, focus on legato playing, distance in thirds, constant release

Lunch at 14:00

  • Red, play the whole piece
  • Mad people
  • Fireplace bass, focus on ‘alternate-like’ picking, circulation in A minor pentatonic, improv
  • and again Red

Finishing around five. After the GEN day a small scale performance for the family

  • circulation C whole tone descending
  • Mad people
  • Fireplace + improv

Dinner, catching up socially, guitar geek talk, planning dates for the near future.

An observation: since we don’t meet that often we need to appear more prepared. Everyone has to know the pieces we will practice to the best of their possibilities. So we decided to prepare for the next meeting:

  • Red
  • Mad people
  • Third relation

The next meeting is April 12.

And finally an answer to the burning question... "What IS it that GEN do after a day of guitar practice??"

And finally an answer to the burning question… “What IS it that GEN do after a day of guitar practice??”

GEN / Epicycle performance November 1 and recording November 2, 2014

October 31 – November 2 2014. In the group: four players of Epicycle (Paris), two of PGP (South of France) and four of GEN (the  Netherlands)


Arriving in Hengelo, catching up, and mostly preparing for tomorrows performance at the Hengelo library


More preparation, determine a setlist. Go to the Hengelo library, setup the stage and a green room.

GenEpi 2014. After the stage was setup and GenEpi was in the green room, children discovered the stage and danced

GenEpi 2014. After the stage was setup and GenEpi was in the green room, children discovered the stage and danced

Performance at 16:30

Entrance with procession chords

Cantaloupe Island
Growing Circle
Larks Tongues in Aspic 1

… into circulation Am
Halloween theme song
Mr. Lawrence

Tango Apassionado
Mad people
Eye Of The Needle

Brushing music
Circulation C whole tone

Walking off into the green room with procession chords

Encore: Fireplace and improv

A good and supportive audience and a performance that was much better than rehearsals.

In the evening work on different parts of Three of a perfect pair.


Recording day at the Hengelo Music School. Setting up the marimba (played by FB), playing circulations and variations supporting or with support of marimba, Thrak with solo.

Genepi 2014. Setting up the stage and marimba for Sunday's recording session

Genepi 2014. Setting up the stage and marimba for Sunday’s recording session

Three good days!

Announcement: GEN / Epicycle performance November 1st 2014

GEN / Epicycle de Paris performance on November 1st 2014

GEN / Epicycle de Paris performance on November 1st 2014

On November 1st 2014 16:30 GEN and their friends of Epicycle de Paris will perform in Bibliotheek Hengelo Stad, Beursstraat  34 in Hengelo, the Netherlands.

Entrance is free, but a contribution is appreciated.

GEN meeting October 5 2014, Molenaarsgraaf

GEN day at Molenaarsgraaf

GEN day at Molenaarsgraaf

Present: PV, FB, JA, WdR. Facilitated by WdR

A good day of practice with some new excercises, a review of the repertoire, especially VROOOM, Third relation and Thrak. Making plans for the November 2014 GEN / Epicycle meeting.

GEN meeting September 14th 2014, Vilt

GEN preparing

GEN preparing


Present: PV, FB, JA

A meeting with a performance opportunity at a garden party organized by JA’s mother. We began late-ish (11:00) with some warming up. Callisthenics, strength to the weak variation 2 excercise introduced by JA

strength for the weak variation 2

strength for the weak variation 2

First second primary, with 1 added.

Most of the practice was spent preparing for the afternoon performance, practicing repertoire and establishing a setlist. We would be performing as a trio, which made some creative arranging necessary. Pressed for time, we did a quick runthrough of all the pieces and set off to the gig, 200 meters down the road. We set up a green room in the study, and went around the garden in search of a good spot. We decided to move around, playing each segment at a different spot.

The performance

A crowd of somewhere between 50 and 100, attendees to the garden charity event of Stichting Rafael. Most people were not there with the intention of listening to music but rather socializing. The performance was outdoors and we were not amplified. This, combined with the setting (garden party with lots of family and friends) made for a decent performance that was almost inaudible, and the end of the performance (playing Vrooom Coda in procession) went completely unnoticed. Setlist:

  • Invocation
  • Halloween
  • Growing Circle
  • Eye Of The Needle (FB on Bass and high lead intro)
  • Circulation “Any Note”
  • Little Thrak
  • Tango Apassionado
  • Hope
  • Larks I
  • Experiment In Terror
  • Circulation Phrases In C (Thumb), into:
  • VROOOM Coda
  • Asturias

A member of JA’s family arrived late and missed the performance, so we anounced a second one, with a more compact setlist (greatest hits). We setup on a location announced to the audience, performed with our backs to the house, more of a stage-setting. This went down very well. About 2/3 of the people showed up. There was much more interaction, the audience reacted positively and children danced. Still, playing open air with acoustic guitars calls for amplification, a lesson learned for next time.  We walked off playing VROOOM Coda and played Growing circle as an encore for some officials who attended. Setlist:

  • Halloween
  • Growing Circle
  • Little Thrak
  • Tango Appassionado
  • Larks I
  • Circulation Phrases In C (Thumb)
  • Asturias
  • VROOOM Coda
  • Growing Circle

Lessons learned

  • prepare the audience. Introduce yourself, announce that there will be a performance
  • prepare for the occasion (outdoor setting, size of the audience): we needed amplification and didn’t bring any. This was a misjudgement
  • given the circumstances, we did well

Next meeting: october 5th in Molenaarsgraaf

GEN meeting August 3rd 2014, Vilt


Present: JA, PV, FB, WdR

An invitee from Argentina was expected but didn’t make it due to traffic issues.

Callisthenics, strength to the weak variation 1 excercise introduced by JA

strength for the weak variation 1

strength for the weak variation 1

FB: secondary exercise as presented by Mr. Schwutke last summer

Beginning with “Mad People…”

Settling parts on Vrooom and Third Relation

WdR and FB will work on Askesis

We spoke on possible endeavors with Epicycle and the possibility of a performance in September.

Scheduled next meeting: September 14th, Vilt (with performance)

GEN meeting July 6th 2014, Vilt

Lonely blond beauty

Lonely blond beauty

Present: JA, PV, FB, WdR

We began the day with a little talk about the contents of the website. We also discussed our recent endeavours with our French friends of Epicycle.

First session (11:00 – 12:05)

General callisthenics, focussing on maintaining a group pulse. Followed by a run-through of Larks’ I (and some polishing) and an attempt at Vrooom to see where we are.

Second Session (12:25-13:30)

More work on Vrooom (mostly on the Main Theme). Settling on parts: JA & FB Leads, WdR & PV on Basses.

Then Eye of the Needle. This suffered from tempo problems. One solution: to be able to play it with the foot tapping in quarter notes. Another: begin slower so the resulting tempo is right.

Cantaloupe: also settled on parts, worked on the solo-circulation (2 players, FB & PV). Into a welcome lunch-break.

Third session (14:15 – 15:35)

Work on Tango Appasionado, alternate form: Intro – Theme 2x – Midtro – Theme 2x – final chord solo FB

FB re-presented The Whip, more work on that on later meetings. Work on the seams as well as on the seperate parts.

Working on circulation strategies and flow (including phrasing) in C, Any note and E-symmetrical.

Setting a set-list for an in-house performance:

  • Invocation
  • Larks I
  • Growing Circle
  • Flageolet improv
  • Circulation E symmetrical
  • Eye of the Needle
  • Tango Appasionado
  • Cantaloupe

Fourth session (16:15-17:00)

Rehearsing for the gig, strategies for memorizing a set-list

Performance (app. 17:15)

Audience of 5 (incl. JA’s son and daughter)

A cheery crowd and an honourable performance.

Scheduled next meeting: August 3rd, Vilt

Epicycle and GEN meet in Paris

EpiGEN summer 2014: soundcheck on sunday

EpiGEN summer 2014: soundcheck on sunday

June 2014 GEN goes to Paris to do two performances with Paris’ own Epicycle.

EpiGEN summer 2014: GEN and Epicycle

EpiGEN summer 2014: GEN and Epicycle

GEN members

GEN in action! Wouter, Jules, Paul, Folkert

GEN in action! Wouter, Jules, Paul, Folkert

2012 – now… the members of GEN