GEN meeting, February 26 2017, Rotterdam

Celebrity fruit-bowl

“Celebrity fruit-bowl”, objet trouvé at PV’s house

Facilitated by PV. Present PV, WdR and JA.

Starting ~10:40
First, talk about ambitions for this year. Concrete possibilities are:

  • performance at the Stichting Rafael Charity Garden Party 2017. This is on
  • and, at that Party, a possible collaboration with another performer (singer). JA will work out an arrangement for a song and contact the performer
  • WdR’s wife would appreciate a performance for het birthday in May
  • a possible afternoon performance in Utrecht
  • WdR has committed to organizing “Rooms to live” (livingroom) performances in September – October – November 2017. These might be performed by GEN as a whole, or by subsets of GEN
  • and for 2018 the possibility to give “coffee concerts”

And talk done by the guitars:

  • calisthenics RH, LH
  • PV and WdR present an exercise from Mika
  • JA presents counting 3 and 4 simultaneously (this needs more practice)
  • Bach Canon

Lunch, continuing ~13:15

  • The second shot
  • Red
  • Growing circle
  • LTIA I
  • EotN
  • Asturias
  • THRAK, shouting the count while playing
  • and a walk-through of our attention through our body and what is around us

Finishing ~17:45

GEN meeting, January 8 2017, Vilt

3/4 GEN + 1

3/4 GEN + 1

Facilitated by JA, Irma and José. Present FB, PV and JA.

Starting at 11:38

  • some physical stretching
  • first and second primaries
  • first and second primaries combined, counting 4 and 3
  • C major exercise
  • Dm harmonic in Canon
  • Bach Canon BWV1079 (from das Musikalisches Opfer)
  • Chord progression in G

Lunch break at 13:00, continue at 13:45

  • playing and run-through of repertoire: Dangerous Curves, Thrak, EotN, presentation of the Driving Force by FB, 28 bars, procession chords
  • rehearsing for two intimate performances …
  • … the first one Bach Canon for José …
  • … and the second one for everyone present
    • Dm harmonic canon
    • Red
    • Bach Canon BWV1079
    • Larks 1
    • first encore, by request: Asturias
    • second encore, joined by Tuur (see picture): Thrak

We once again stated the need to meet at least every two months.

GEN meeting, October 30, Hengelo

parkeren verboden

niet parkeren

Facilitated by FB and Gerda. Present FB, WdR, PV and JA.


  • calisthenics: RH triplets, 8th, 16th. String changes
  • secondary variations
  • circulating BWV1007
  • EotN quality practice (counting, limb rotation)


  • short introduction to 28 bars
  • Dangerous curves
  • a new piece called “Thong”. Half of the guitars in 5 (Eb and G), half in 7 (Gm and Bm)
  • short introduction to Frakctured riff by FB
  • circulations

All these to be continued.

For the next meeting:

  • Red
  • circulating BWV1007
  • Dangerous curves
  • Frakctured riff

The next meeting will be somewhere at the end of december 2016.

GEN meeting, July 17, Molenaarsgraaf

Facilitated by WdR. Present WdR, PV, JA.

Start at ~11:00

Tuning, initial circulation. Counting exercises. Keep steady tempo when playing together. THRAK: first clapping, then playing. Conclude the morning session with EotN (no high lead).

Lunch break.

Have a look at Dangerous Curves, distribute the voices. Mid: PV. bass: WdR. lead: JA. (and of course FB)
Have a look at the Letters, distribute the voices. G3: WdR. G2: PV. G1: JA. (and FB)
Red, refresh the piece and focus on tempo, especially in the tea for two section.

A concluding circulation, ending ~17:30

For the next meeting:

  • Red
  • Mad People
  • Dangerous curves (as presented AAD)
  • the Letters (first part as currently presented AAD)

An intention for future meetings: there will be a GEN day (at least) every two months. This one was July so the next one will be September, then November (exact dates must be determined). Ideally all four of us are present.

GEN meeting May 22, Rotterdam

Present: FB, PV, WR, JA

    • calisthenics
      circulating BWV1007
      Aaarrrghgh (new piece by PV)
      new piece by WR
  • And a small performance for an audience of one: a few bars of BWV1007 circulated, EotN, Asturias.

    For the next meeting:

    • Red
      Mad People
      new piece by WR
      circulating BWV1007
  • GEN meeting December 27, Vilt

    Present: FB, PV, WR, JA

    11:55 warming up

    FB: counting
    PV: fret 1234 on string 4, then on 3, 5678 on 4 etc.
    WR: secundary
    JA: counting

    FB: short demo of Airport exercise
    WR: short presentation of own work in 7 and 5. GEN OK’s it, to be presented in the future

    Lunch break around 13:00

    JA: short presentation of Unsquare dance. GEN OK’s it, to be presented in the future
    PV: presentation and practice of Second shot

    Short break & walk

    FB: presentation and three rounds of Steve Ball’s Crafty cards

    GEN meeting September 26, Molenaarsgraaf

    meeting in 5

    meeting in 5

    September 26 2015, Molenaarsgraaf. Present PV, WdR, JA, guests MW, PQF, BZ. Facilitated by WdR.

    • 10:30 – 12:15 inaugural meeting, guided practice by MW
    • 12:40 – 13:50 execises for Third relation, C hexatonic
    • lunch, powernaps, fresh air
    • 16:00 – 17:45 “Thrak scale”, C hexatonic, A symmetrical, EotN in pieces
    • 18:10 – 19:15 Thrak time: counting up- and downbeat. Circulate that with claps. Put it in the bank!
    • 19:30 cooking, personal meetings with MW, dinner
    • 21:30 completion meeting. Everyone present starts / leads a circulation, every circulation different (C hex, “Thrak”, etc.). Completing at 22:08

    Special thanks to our guests, and MW for his help.

    GEN meeting August 2, Rotterdam

    August 2 2015, Rotterdam. Present PV, WdR, FB, JA. Facilitated by PV.

    Starting with practice, guided by FB. When we got to the pieces we decided upon last meeting, it turned out we had been too ambitious in the amount of repertoire and were now generally badly prepared. That said, we did practise the whole day. For the next meeting we agreed on preparing a more limited amount of material, namely:

    • Third relation at 60bpm
    • Eye of the needle
    • Mad people

    GEN meeting June 14, Hengelo

    Guitars in the staircase

    Guitars in the staircase

    June 14 2015, GEN meeting in Hengelo. Present: FB, PV, WdR, JA, facilitated by FB and Gerda

    Tuning, start at 11:25

    String 3:  555 666 777 888 | 5 556 667 778 88
    String 4: 0   0   0   0    |  0   0   0   0

    plus the two other permutations (5505 and 5550), then the same backwards.

    Picking excercise with counting on strings 4, 3 and 2 (pattern above, two ways of counting below):

      0  0   0
     0 0  0 0
    0   0  0
    1 2 3 4 5

    Same excercise, now with picking 5 + 5 + 6

      0  0   0  0
     0 0  0 0  0 0 0
    0   0  0  0   0
    5    5    6

    Same excercise, now combined with Dm harmonic on string 2 (E string)

    0 1 3 5 6 9 10 12 13

    Hammer-on (up) / pull-off (down) excercise:

    12 21 34 43
    13 31 24 42
    14 41 23 32

    • Red
    • Do a quick practice of a popular Turkish tune and perform it for the Music School’s janitor

    Lunch break

    • Circulation in C major
    • Circulation in E symmetrical with several variations
    • Circulation in E pentatonic with several variations
    • Learn the second bit of Connecticut Yankee
    • Fireplace, split up in two subgroups to learn the second part of the bass
    • Eye of the Needle
    • Larks I
    • VROOOM Coda
    • Invocation
    • Mad people
    • Third relation (didn’t work)

    Short break

    • Red
    • Thrak
    • A solo presentation by FB of Prelude opus 11 #3 on marimba and Vienna on vibraphone

    Ending ca. 17:15

    To be practiced for the next meeting: VROOOM, Thrak, Fireplace, Red, Mad people, Third relation, chords for growing circle (JA) and presentation of a new piece (PV). Next meeting will be on August 2 in Rotterdam.

    GEN meeting April 12 Molenaarsgraaf

    a short break

    April 12 2015

    Present: PV, WdR, FB, JA, facilitated by WdR

    Tuning, start at 10:45

    • secundary and primary excercises
    • an aad excercise presented by Paul and Wouter
    • Red
    • Third relation
    • improv
    • Eye of the needle
    • Mad people

    A break with apple pie, lunch, talking about FB’s performance of Hangi Lauha

    Continuing at 14:00

    • Red
    • FB introduces the first bit of “A Connecticut Yankee In The Court of King Arthur”, bass and lead
    • Mad people
    • Little thrak
    • Yankee again, now circulating bass and lead
    • Fireplace, work on the bass part
    • Larks 1
    • Growing circle, played more rapidly than we could handle

    A small performance without an audience:

    • Red
    • circulation Am pentatonic
    • Larks 1
    • Mad people
    • Third relation

    Starting was OK, but Mad people and especially Third relation were hilariously bad, much worse than what we did before. We may not have stopped in time.

    For the next meeting, planned at June 7: Third relation, Mad people, Red, Fireplace, more Yankee