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GEN meeting, January 20 2019 Hengelo

Hengelo, everyone present. Facilitated by FB. Warming up: C symmetrical Larkish 4 fingers, 3 strings C minor exercise 112bpm 8th notes exercise Repertoire runthrough to see where we are (in several degrees of rustiness but overall not bad!) EotN Red Blockhead Chuk Camino Asturias Voices Growing Circle (pause 5+4+4) Hope an attempt to Fireplace … and do the pieces that are in best shape again. Next meeting is planned in about a month.

GEN meeting, July 14 2018 Rotterdam

On Friday night FQM work for King Crimson’s first performance at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. On Saturday morning and afternoon a GEN practice day. Present: PV, FB, JA. Facilitated by PV. Callisthenics, with a nice secondary primary variation. Repertoire: Camino de las tropas Blockhead Chuk LTIA I WdR who came in right before completion agreed to act as an audience and we played all the pieces rehearsed today. Performers and audience were satisfied with the result. On Saturday night FQM work for King Crimson’s second performance at the Concertgebouw in…

GEN meeting, May 21 2018 Vilt

Present: FB, PV, WdR, JA. Facilitated by JA. Callisthenics C major “Mika’s exercise” secundaries secundaries Am C major counting to 9 Repertoire Sunken ship Camino de las tropas Blockhead Metamorphosis (Reich) presented by WdR, played in parts any note circulation circulation C, low / high arpeggio circulation Larks I EotN Talk about communication in the group, and in the near future a FQM commitment. For the next time: Blockhead Camino De Las Tropas Sunken Ship Metaporphosis perhaps an arrangement for the Pretender (Foo Fighters) by FB

GEN meeting, April 29 2018 Hengelo

Present: FB, PV, JA. Facilitated by FB. strength for the weak C major over two strings 1324 over 2 strings 1423 over two strings Blockhead rehearse the setlist Than at about 4, a performance for a small audience at a birthday party at FB’s nephew: Larks I Halloween circulation C harmonic minor on string 1 (pick) and 6 (thumb) Blockhead Asturias For the next time: more practice on Blockhead Camino De Las Tropas Sunken Ship

GEN meeting, October 15 2017, Rotterdam

Facilitated by PV. Present FB, PV, WdR, JA. Refreshing and rehearsing material scales on string D (major), G (minor), A (harmonic minor) E symmetrical exercise Red EotN VPRO tune by Jacob Klaasse was presented by PV Larks I Blockhead presented by FB progression in Dm Asturias a shot at Impact on Earth Next meeting will be November 26, focus will be on Maraton, Blockhead and the VPRO tune.

GEN performance, May 21 2017, Voerendaal

GEN is one of the acts performing at the St. Rafael charity party at May 21 2017. Pictured above GEN performing the Velvet Undergrounds “Pale Blue Eyes” with singer Paul van Loo. This was the encore, after performing this set:

GEN meeting, April 23 2017, Vilt

Facilitated by JA. Present FB, PV, JA. A day that was intended to be focused on learning one song, it turned out to be more. All of this in preparation for the St. Rafael charity event on May 21. learn and rehearse the song that GEN will be performing with a guest singer. This is new and exciting territory: it’s a song! It’s in four! Still, we managed to manage play through a longlist of possible pieces we can play, make a selection work on refreshing / refining three pieces…

March 25 2017, Guitar Craft & The Guitar Circles’ completion on its 32nd anniversary

Guitar Craft and its several forms of manifesting have ceased to exist. The Workshop is dismantled, its work continues. Robert Fripp Saturday 25th. March, 2017 Anyone interested in the work of Guitar Craft and The Guitar Circles may visit the History Project’s website, an online archive being increasingly populated with pieces of history from the past and soon, the future. Source: DGM live