April 23 2017, Vilt

3/4 after a day of rehearsals

3/4 after a day of rehearsals

Facilitated by JA. Present FB, PV, JA.

A day that was intended to be focused on learning one song, it turned out to be more. All of this in preparation for the St. Rafael charity event on May 21.

  • learn and rehearse the song that GEN will be performing with a guest singer. This is new and exciting territory: it’s a song! It’s in four! Still, we managed to manage
  • play through a longlist of possible pieces we can play, make a selection
  • work on refreshing / refining three pieces
  • the set that we established consists of 7 pieces and 2 circulations, in total about 30 minutes
  • make a recording of all this, without audience
  • perform it for a small family audience

Good results for a good day of work.

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