February 26 2017, Rotterdam

Celebrity fruit-bowl

“Celebrity fruit-bowl”, objet trouveĀ© at PV’s house

Facilitated by PV. Present PV, WdR and JA.

Starting ~10:40
First, talk about ambitions for this year. Concrete possibilities are:

  • performance at the Stichting Rafael Charity Garden Party 2017. This is on
  • and, at that Party, a possible collaboration with another performer (singer). JA will work out an arrangement for a song and contact the performer
  • WdR’s wife would appreciate a performance for het birthday in May
  • a possible afternoon performance in Utrecht
  • WdR has committed to organizing “Rooms to live” (livingroom) performances in September – October – November 2017. These might be performed by GEN as a whole, or by subsets of GEN
  • and for 2018 the possibility to give “coffee concerts”

And talk done by the guitars:

  • calisthenics RH, LH
  • PV and WdR present an exercise from Mika
  • JA presents counting 3 and 4 simultaneously (this needs more practice)
  • Bach Canon

Lunch, continuing ~13:15

  • The second shot
  • Red
  • Growing circle
  • LTIA I
  • EotN
  • Asturias
  • THRAK, shouting the count while playing
  • and a walk-through of our attention through our body and what is around us

Finishing ~17:45

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