GEN meeting, October 30, Hengelo

parkeren verboden

niet parkeren

Facilitated by FB and Gerda. Present FB, WdR, PV and JA.


  • calisthenics: RH triplets, 8th, 16th. String changes
  • secondary variations
  • circulating BWV1007
  • EotN quality practice (counting, limb rotation)


  • short introduction to 28 bars
  • Dangerous curves
  • a new piece called “Thong”. Half of the guitars in 5 (Eb and G), half in 7 (Gm and Bm)
  • short introduction to Frakctured riff by FB
  • circulations

All these to be continued.

For the next meeting:

  • Red
  • circulating BWV1007
  • Dangerous curves
  • Frakctured riff

The next meeting will be somewhere at the end of december 2016.

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