GEN meeting, July 17, Molenaarsgraaf

Facilitated by WdR. Present WdR, PV, JA.

Start at ~11:00

Tuning, initial circulation. Counting exercises. Keep steady tempo when playing together. THRAK: first clapping, then playing. Conclude the morning session with EotN (no high lead).

Lunch break.

Have a look at Dangerous Curves, distribute the voices. Mid: PV. bass: WdR. lead: JA. (and of course FB)
Have a look at the Letters, distribute the voices. G3: WdR. G2: PV. G1: JA. (and FB)
Red, refresh the piece and focus on tempo, especially in the tea for two section.

A concluding circulation, ending ~17:30

For the next meeting:

  • Red
  • Mad People
  • Dangerous curves (as presented AAD)
  • the Letters (first part as currently presented AAD)

An intention for future meetings: there will be a GEN day (at least) every two months. This one was July so the next one will be September, then November (exact dates must be determined). Ideally all four of us are present.

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